Solventis offers an extensive range of automotive coolants, brake fluids and screenwash. These products are formulated to meet the exacting needs of modern high performance vehicles.

Solventis is one of the largest producers of high-quality coolants, brake fluids and screenwash in Europe. From our purpose built, state of the art manufacturing facility in the port of Antwerp and our specialist centre in the North of England we produce a comprehensive range of outstanding automotive products which we offer in bulk, IBCs and drums throughout Europe and to certain export markets.


Modern engine coolants are more than just antifreeze. As well as providing protection against frost in winter months, our coolants offer efficient corrosion protection for the range of metals found in modern automotive cooling systems, meaning better performance and a longer life for your engine.

We produce a wide range of coolants to cover the requirements of all cooling systems, whether constructed from traditional ferrous materials or the more modern aluminium alloy and polymeric composites. The compatibility with elastomers, plus low foaming and low scaling characteristics of our products ensure maximum heat transference making our range among the very best on the market.

At Solventis, we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality and suitability of our coolants. By using high quality raw materials and specialist formulations we ensure that our fluids not only meet but easily exceed the requirements set out by relevant standards. Water content is maintained well below the flagship specification for glycol based engine coolants (ASTM D3306 (USA)) thus ensuring the anti-boiling and freeze protection characteristics are robust.

Super Concentrate Products

Solventis offer a comprehensive range of super concentrated coolants. These are highly concentrated additive packages designed to prepare quality engine coolant concentrate (antifreeze) by the addition of monoethylene glycol.

These products have different advantages which can be tailored to the priorities of the customer.

Brake Fluids

Brake fluids must meet the most rigorous performance standards. Critical factors include dry and wet equilibrium reflux boiling points, viscosity, pH, rubber swell and material compatibility with braking system components.

Solventis brake fluids exceed the world’s toughest standards, including those set by the Department of Transportation’s National Highways Traffic Safety Administration (DOT NHTSA), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). Fluids are available in a range of equilibrium reflux boiling points to suit individual customer requirements.

For typical data properties and further information about these advantages please download our automotive brochure, contact your account manager or send your enquiry to

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