Antifreeze C2230

Traditional ethylene glycol based coolant concentrate formulated for use in all engines, including those constructed from aluminium alloys.

Recommended coolant for general purpose light duty automotive applications such as passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles.

C2230 Specifications

  • AFNOR NF R15-601 (France)
  • AS 2108 (Australia)
  • ASTM D3306 (USA)
  • BS 6580: 2010 (UK)
  • CUNA NC 956-16 (Italy)
  • ONORM V 5123 (Austria)
  • C2230 successfully passes the FVV Heft
  • R443 tests (Germany)
  • SAE J1034 (USA)
  • UNE 26361-88 (Spain)


  • Long established robust formulation
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Technology based on silicates and borates
  • Uses sophisticated silicate stabilisation technology
  • Contains no nitrites, amines or phosphates (NAP free)
  • Excellent anti foaming characteristics
  • Available in concentrate or ready to use


  • Peace of mind for quality and performance
  • Provides anti-corrosion protection for all metals and alloys in cooling systems of older and modern vehicles alike
  • Avoids potential gel formation
  • User and environmentally friendly
  • Helps protect the water pump and cooling components
  • Added convenience to the end user and versatile in various environmental climates

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