Screenwash Concentrates

Solventis are a producer of screenwash concentrates for automotive applications.

Screenwash is a product designed to give better visibility and safer driving conditions. It quickly clears the windscreen in all seasons due to its improved wetting characteristics and cleaning power.

Screenwash is used in vehicle windscreen and headlight washing systems. It is added to water to provide a cleaning liquid used all year round, and used in different concentrations to provide different levels of frost protection to the wash system.


Solscreen is an environmentally friendly screenwash base product for use in screenwash and de-icing applications.

Solscreen is a low foaming product with good tolerance to hard water. Formulations based on Solscreen would normally include additional water at a level necessary to achieve the desired freezing point as well as additional water-soluble anionic surfactant to promote surface wetting.

Additional glycol can be included to give high flash point/low freeze products. Chemical softeners can be added for when dilution in hard water areas is required.

The product contains a bittering agent to prevent accidentally swallowing.

Its surfactants are compliant with the European Detergent Directive N° 648/2004/EC and are approved by Nordic Swan eco-labelled products.


  • Super concentrated formulation
  • High alcohol content
  • Meets Dekra test method specifications
  • Fully biodegradable
  • All year round formulation
  • Can be blue dyed or citrus perfumed upon customer request


  • Can be diluted to provide a wide range of freeze protection levels
  • Provides freeze protection down to -75°
  • Demonstrates excellent material compatibility with elastomers, polymeric materials and decorative finishes
  • Safe for the environment
  • One product for all
  • Tailored to customer requirement

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