What is Aromatic Solvent C10?

Aromatic solvent C10 (also known as Solvesso 150; aromatic 150; A150; and kocosol 150) is a colourless, clear liquid with a mild aromatic odour.  It is a member of the petroleum hydrocarbon family and consists predominately of C9-C11 aromatic hydrocarbons, predominately C10.

How is Aromatic Solvent C10 produced?

Aromatic solvent C10 is produced from the distillation of aromatic streams that are derived from crude oil.  The processes and equipment for the manufacture, transfer, and storage of these aromatic solvents are continuous and enclosed.

Global production of heavy aromatic Naphtha-type products, such as A150, is expected to exceed 450 thousand metric tons per annum.

Storage and Distribution of Aromatic Solvents

Aromatic solvent C10 can be stored in mild steel drums and /or iso tanks and transported by tank truck or bulk vessels.  It should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area that is free from the risk of ignition.  Aromatic solvent C10 has a specific gravity of 0.855 and a flash point of 55 °C (CC) which makes it flammable, and is classified as packing group III.

What is Aromatic Solvent C10 used for?

Aromatic solvent C10 is a high boiling point (181-205 °C) aromatic hydrocarbon solvent used mainly in paints and coatings, printing inks, and the agrochemical industry.  It has a flash point and evaporation rate higher than that of Xylene and therefore imparts better flow and film formation making it useful in the paint and coatings industry.  It also has no ethyl-benzene content and is therefore desired for environmentally friendly agrochemical and pesticide formulations.

Aromatic solvent C10 is a resin blendstock for foundries and has downhole applications in oilfields.  It is also ideal for use in process additive fluids such as chloro-rubber formulations, synthetic resins, and oil-modified alkyds.

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