What is Aromatic Solvent C12?

Aromatic solvent C 12 (also known as solvent naphtha; Garosol 200; Solvesso 200; aromatic 200; and wash oil) is a clear and slightly yellow liquid which is aromatic and is insoluble in water.  It is part of the petroleum hydrocarbon family and has the chemical name of aromatic hydrocarbon 64742-94-5.

How is Aromatic Solvent C12 Produced?

Aromatic solvent C 12 is a heavy aromatic that is produced from the distillation of aromatic streams that are derived from crude oil.

How is Aromatic Solvent C12 Stored?

Aromatic solvent C 12   is stored in mild steel drums and/or iso tanks and can be transported by bulk vessels or tank trucks.  It should be stored in an area that is both cool and well ventilated.  It is not regulated for transport by road, air, sea, or rail but is classified as Harmful.  It has a specific gravity of 0.975 and a flash point of 95 °C (closed cup).


What are the uses for Aromatic Solvent C12?

Aromatic solvent C 12 is a useful industrial chemical as it has a high boiling point (approximately 220-305 degrees C), a slow evaporation rate, and a high flash point.  It is also a low hazardous air pollutant and is relatively environmentally friendly. The combination of these  factors make aromatic solvent C 12 desirable in many applications, such as high build coatings and printing inks; agrochemicals; oil field chemicals; fuel additives; and emulsifiers and surfactants.

It also has a role in water treatment chemicals, process oils, and as a foundry chemical.  It is used in lubricants and corrosion inhibitors and in solvent-based dyes.

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